Sunday, July 10, 2011

Newspaper Archives - Ever Changing and Improving.

Newspaper Archives - Ever Changing and Improving.

NSGS Member Sandy recently obtained a number of newspaper articles regarding an ancestor who had lived in the Dallas, Texas area from 1873 to 1938. She had seen reference to the articles on the Internet, but they were not readily available. She contacted the Genealogy Section and the Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division of the Dallas Public Library. While they said that they could, for a fee, research the information that she wanted, they offered and alternative that proved to be very valuable.

They suggested that she access the Dallas Morning News’ web site:
< >. The web site is automated, fee-based, and includes newspapers from 1885 to 1977. However, you can search for the articles at no charge ! If you find what you are looking for, you are charged about $10.00 for use of the archives for the entire day. At that point, you can download or print what you want.

This type of automated web site should prove to be popular for genealogy researchers and of little hassle (and probably profitable) to organizations and companies who hold digitized archive material.

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