Friday, November 11, 2011

Quebec's Early Settlers

{NSGS News Editor: Below are excerpts from an article that was recently posted on the GeneaNet Newsletter < > By Jean-Yves BAXTER. Accessed 08 November 2011. Links and citations are provided to allow access to the complete article.}

Quebec’s Earliest Settlers Left Strongest Genetic Imprint on Province

Postmedia News Nov 3, 2011 By Marianne White

QUEBEC — The first settlers to colonize the wilderness of northeastern Quebec had more offspring and were more successful in passing on their genes than those who followed, according to a genealogical research published Thursday in the journal Science.
The study, conducted by Canadian and Swiss researchers, looked at the genealogy of more than 1.2 million Canadians in the recently colonized Quebec regions of Charlevoix and Saguenay-Lac St. Jean.

Access to the complete article: < >.

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