Saturday, December 10, 2011

Very Early English Settlement

{NSGS News Editor: Below are excerpts from an article that was recently posted on GeneaNet Newsletter < > By Jean-Yves BAXTER. Accessed 06 December 2011. Links and citations are provided to allow access to the complete article. Some of the material is from the Wikipedia article "Popham Colony.”}

Popham Colony {Editor: An interesting bit of North American History}

The Popham Colony (also known as the Sagadahoc Colony) was a short-lived English colonial settlement in North America that was founded in 1607 and located in the present-day town of Phippsburg, Maine near the mouth of the Kennebec River by the proprietary Virginia Company of Plymouth. It was founded a few months after, and in the same year as, its more successful rival, the colony at Jamestown, which was established on June 14, 1607 by the Virginia Company of London in present-day James City County, Virginia.

The exact site of the Popham Colony was lost until its rediscovery in 1994. Much of this historical location is now part of Maine's Popham Beach State Park.

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