Monday, March 5, 2012

iPhone App for Genealogy

{NSGS New Editor: The use of a mobile telephone to transmit and store information on the Internet (cloud computing) could be of great value to the study of genealogy. The easy exchange of information is the underlying concept of this App from Mocavo. Of course, this program could also greatly increase Mocavo’s database. Below is an article that was recently posted on Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter. Links and citations are provided to allow access to the complete article.}

The following information is from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter and is copyright by Richard W. Eastman. It is re-published here with the permission of the author. Information about the newsletter is available at < >. (Published 03 March 2012)

Mocavo App for the iPhone

The following announcement was written by Mocavo:
Introducing the Mocavo Genealogy app for iPhone: An industry first that allows genealogists to take pictures of documents, photos, books and more and have them automatically OCR’d for others to search and discover around the world.

With this new, completely free app, together we’ll bring information and history from all over the globe to digital format for the first time, allowing you to see information and photos that you never would have discovered otherwise.

Not ready to share your family photos and documents with the world? Not a problem. We’ll let you upload them to your Scrapbook to keep safe in a digital space for generations to come.

What does the Mocavo app do?
Search – Use our search feature for free just as you would on We archive your most recent searches for easy access later on.

Feed – Browse or search through endless photographs, documents, letters, books and more with the real-time Mocavo Discovery Feed.

Take Photos – Want to add to the Discovery Feed or start your own digital archives? Use the Mocavo Photo feature to take one, or multiple pictures of all your documents, photographs, and even entire books! All documents will be automatically OCR’d so you don’t have to do any work to share your treasures with the world.

Scrapbook – Review, edit or simply admire your photo collection on Mocavo. It’s like having wallet photographs of all your ancestors! Soon you’ll be able to sync your Scrapbook with your online Mocavo profile, making your genealogy experience that more seamless.

We’re constantly working to make the Mocavo genealogy app bigger and better and would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to send any question, comments and suggestions to us at

Happy Searching,

The Mocavo Team

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