Research Links

Research Links are recommended by NSGS Members.

NSGS Member Jim Kellner recommends the following Internet website:
< >.

Legacy Family Tree offers both free information and programs and fee-based features. The above mentioned URL is for the home page which contains an introduction to the organization and links to Navigating the 1940 U.S. Census, FamilySearch, Free webinar programs, etc.

NSGS Member Jim Kellner submitted information and a URL for the FamilySearch online book collection. Please see related article on the NSGS Blog Home Page. FamilySearch continues to work with other libraries and expand this collection which can be accessed at:
< >.

NSGS Member Vicki Moloney recommends the following genealogy blog (a very interesting journey it is !).

A variety of genealogy news and comments < >.

Records Availability in Nevada:

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NSGS Member Louis Munker recently received a lot of help while searching for information regarding an ancestor in the Waco, Texas area. Louis recommends the Genealogy Section of the Marlin Public Library. Contact:

Louis also reminds us that if you are trying to determine whether an ancestor traveled with a Mormon Company to Salt Lake City, look up the following: Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel.

The following websites were reviewed
at the January 2012 NSGS meeting.

State of Nevada - Digital Collections.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Digital Collections.

University of Nevada, Reno - Digital Collections.

U.S. Government Archives.

U.S. Library of Congress.

USGenWeb Archives - Picture Postcards.

New Version of FamilySearch Program - Registration Suggested.

Vicki Moloney, NSGS Member, is a subscriber to a weekly newsletter published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Vicki has provided me links to a couple of the newsletters, and they are loaded with information regarding New England history and the NEHGS.

You do not have to be a member of NEHGS to receive this free newsletter. Use the link below to obtain more information regarding NEHGS and subscribe to the newsletter:
< >. <!/explore-topics/ > offers a variety of articles regarding genealogy. URLs for the following articles and websites were submitted by NSGS Member Vicki Moloney. This is a diverse and interesting collection. Thanks Vicki.
Australian Gold Rush Immigrants
Was Your Ancestor an Australian Digger?

By Kimberly Powell, Guide

UK Coal Mining Ancestors
By Kimberly Powell, Guide

Researching Old Railroads & Railway Records
By Kimberly Powell, Guide
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Kentucky Research: < >.

A lot of interesting and entertaining material. Quoting from the website:

“The Kentuckiana Digital Library is your gateway to rare and unique digitized collections housed in Kentucky archives. These digital collections are built to enhance scholarship, research and lifelong learning.”

Submitted by NSGS Member Pat.

Something for Everybody: < >.

{ NSGS News Editor: I only scratched the surface of this website. Take some time and browse through the layers: 
Submitted by NSGS Member Norma.

Penny Postcards (is your town included ?)

The following website information was provided by NSGS Member Norma. It is entertaining and provides a lot of historical background material. We plan to have a presentation at a future meeting that will feature photo collections, maps, etc. This website would be perfect for such a program.

“What did your state or town look like back in the days of penny picture postcards?

Click on the State and then on the County name to see actual postcards from that area...pretty neat. You'll want to save this one!

Click here: < >  Penny Postcard

After you click on your county, scroll down to find your town or city. Amazing !”

Poor Houses, County Homes or Alms Houses in America.  Indexed by state and county. When records are available, links are provided down to the county level.   < > Submitted by NSGS Member Carol, October 2011.

Reproductions of Local Histories, Genealogies, Civil War,
and Historic Maps:  < >.

{ NSGS News Editor:  Higginson Books is a for-profit organization. Their website is easy to use and offers some material for most states. As with most genealogical information, you never know what you may find or where you may find it. This link was submitted by NSGS Member Carol. }

FAMILY TREES and FAMILY HISTORICAL INFORMATION - Submitted by NSGS Member Louis, October 2011 - Entire families can join and exchange information on: < >.
Louis was invited by relatives to participate on this website, and is getting a lot of family information.

 DEATH INDEXES - Submitted by NSGS Member Martha,  September 2011.
The website for death indexes is: < >.
“This website is a directory of links to websites with online death indexes, listed by state and county.”

GEORGIA GENEALOGY - Submitted by NSGS Member Martha, September 2011.
A good website for Georgia genealogy is the Georgia Virtual Vault: < >.


RENO  - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) - Carlin Camp 25 website:  < >. Submitted by NSGS Member David, September 2011.

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) -  national website: < >. which includes graves registration database; SUVCW Dept. of California and Pacific website: < >. Submitted by NSGS Member David, September 2011.

Civil War -  National Park Service's Civil War Soldiers' and Sailors' research website: < >; Dept. of VA National Cemetery grave locator website: < >; Sons of Confederate Veterans website: < >. Submitted by NSGS Member David, September 2011.